About RhubarbChairs

Fine detailed wingchair upholstered with an original Italian Military Uniform
Upholstered Chair using Irish Guard Military Uniform
The Winston Churchill Wing Chair

Classical Upholstery

Passionate about traditional trades and maintaining classical upholstery techniques, Shaun thinks beyond the obvious, creating pieces of unique furniture as an art form that subtly reveals the history of the piece. As a committed recycler, Shaun rebuffs against our ‘throwaway’ society, taking the time to consider the materials he’s using and upcycling at every opportunity. This means that Shaun will never reproduce a chair; each piece is entirely unique.

Glass Top Bonsai Tree Brass Coffee Table

Unique Furniture Design

Originally trained as an aeronautical engineer, he was taught to repair, restore and recreate rather than replace. A creative flair passed down from his mother encouraged this self-taught designer to be different from the rest, combining his passion for traditional trades with unrivaled support for non-mass produced furniture. Shaun’s ethos is to think behind and beyond the obvious, resulting in unique furniture designs that reveal a piece of history alongside a captivating narrative.