Iconic Mid Century Danish Elm Tapered Tripod Stools, Denmark Circa 1950’s

Gorgeous pair of naive mid century tapered leg tripod stools in Elm.

Price per stool.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Delightful Hand Painted Geometric Bistro Tables, With Metal Base. England Circa 1980’s

Unique hand painted geometric round wooden side tables with lacquered finish, resting on metal splayed base.

Price per table.

Can be used outside during summer months.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Gorgeous Set Of 4 Newly Restored Vintage Habitat Edition ‘675’ Teak Chairs By Robin Day, England Circa 2000’s

A classic example of 20th century design and one of the finest chairs to emerge from post war Britain..

The chair’s most prominent feature is its curved teak-veneered plywood back. Pioneering at the time, Robin Day overcame the difficulty of forming a single moulded plywood chair with armrests by creating a bent shape using a singular curve rather than a double curve.

Teak seat backs and arms, tubular steel frame with black leather upholstery.

Price per chair.

Complete with period formica side table if all 4 chairs are purchased together (Table H91cm x D38cm x W91)

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Stunning ‘Patience Agbabi’ Vintage Man Head Sculpture By Bryan Ellery, England Circa 1990’s

‘As part of Humanity we are still individually unique, and in my portraits I love to record the special presence of each of my sitters using the shimmering beauty of bronze.’

Celebrated sculptor Bryan Ellery has travelled the world producing bronze portraits of adults, children and animals. He builds up his distinctive portraits with tiny pieces of clay, in the hope of retaining something of the abstract looseness when the portrait emerges in the seductive, surface glint of the bronze.

His sitters include celebrated scientists, ambassadors and aristocracy he sees all faces proclaiming the beauty and diversity of mankind.
Bronze portraiture has traditionally been popular with the aristocracy, and Bryan has often had the good fortune to work in their beautiful stately homes. But though some of his sitters may happen to be well known figures in society, or members of the “glitterati”, Bryan prefers to ignore their alter egos and study them as just more examples of the beauty of humanity. He is especially known for his likenesses of children, which bring out their intrinsic and unique magic.

‘Making a portrait of another human being is a great privilege for me, and it needs certain conditions. I always work from life, in a one-to-one situation with peaceful surroundings, so that my subject’s natural presence can become clear to me. It is then my job to record my impressions in the clay- a synthesis of feelings and observation.

The different ages of man present varying challenges. Best of all I love the natural life-force in a child’s being-‘trailing clouds of glory’. But then I am also fascinated by the mercurial complexity of the adolescent; sometimes tentative and faint, sometimes vividly overpowering.
Most difficult perhaps to portray is the sophisticated self-awareness, the mature beauty, and sometimes glorious pretensions of the adult. Later there is a certain relief in examining the weight of experience which is borne inescapably and tangibly by the older sitters. The light of wisdom shines through their features.’

Bryan Ellery’s first stab at portraiture was at the age of seven – a rather rude caricature in mud of his headmaster, for which he was given the cane! Having thankfully learned a little about diplomacy during the next few years he, at the age of 19, produced a bronze of the Professor of English at Exeter University, Moelwyn Merchant, which gained him general approval and several commissions and an Honours degree in English. This portrait is now in the library at Eton College.

He has always been fascinated by the human face, and it’s infinite variety, and has tried , over the years to throw his net as widely as possible in his choice of subjects, both in the age range (from fidgety one year olds to chatty nonagenarians), to the varying colours and characteristics available in humankind, and in their positions and skills in society.

Vintage Ligne Roset Togo Modular Sofa By Michel Ducaroy In Original Seaweed Blue Corduroy, Set Of 4, Circa Early 1980’s.

Gorgeous one owner Ligne Roset Togo modular sofa made up of 4 sections, 2 corners and 2 single seats, can be configured as many options.

Original Seaweed blue Corduroy, has been specialist cleaned and covers refitted together with new buttoning.

Some minor fading and blemishes from previous use but does not detract from its beauty.

Stunning original iconic sofa.

Michel Ducaroy was born in 1925. Since his first contact with the Roset company in 1954, Michel Ducaroy has rapidly become one of their most integral designers. It was in 1973, that he designed the now iconic Togo. A range of all-foam seating with covers generously quilted with polyester: this collection, with its unique design, remains one of Ligne Roset’s best-sellers to this day.

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Stunning Mid Century Modern Florence Knoll Alpi Verde Solid Marble Topped Pair Of Matching Credenza’s, Circa 1990’s

Rare pair of matching sleek modern classic Credenza’s designed by Florence Knoll and produced by Knoll. They features a dark mahogany veneered case, stainless steel legs with adjustable feet and a very rare green Alpi-Verde solid marble top.

Can be placed side to side to make a double unit,

Adjustable shelf height, Complete with original Knoll product information hanging tag.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Extremely Rare One Off Blue Glass Armorial Footed Bowl Owned By & enamelled with The Late Lady Margaret Thatcher’s Coat Of Arms. Late 20th Century.

Amazing opportunity to acquire a unique piece of British Prime Ministerial History, Blue Glass Armorial footed vase, hand painted in gold leaf with Baronesses’s own Coat-Of-Arms.

Presented to the late Margaret Thatcher on her acceptance into the House of Lords in 1992.

The property of the Late Baroness Margaret Thatcher, purchased from the Margaret Thatcher Christies Sale December 2015, complete with Christies purchase receipts and auction tag etc.

Baroness (Margaret) Thatcher, a former research chemist and barrister, was elected Conservative MP for Finchley in 1959, holding the seat until her retirement from the House of Commons in 1992.
At the 1979 General Election she was elected Britain’s first female prime minister. She was prime minister for 11 years, leading the Conservatives to three general election victories, before resigning in 1990.

She was also Secretary of State for Education and Science from 1970-1974, becoming leader of the Conservative Party in 1975.

Baroness Thatcher became a member of the Lords in 1992. In the House of Lords, Baroness Thatcher mainly participated in debates on foreign affairs. In 1992, she spoke of her experiences as prime minister when arranging the joint declaration with China on the future of Hong Kong, and spoke on the European Communities (Amendment) Bill in 1993. In 1999, she contributed to the debate on the Scott Report, concerning allegations of UK arms dealing with Iraq. She made her last speech in the House of Lords later that year.

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Extremely Rare Michael Sutty Figure Of Winston Churchill 4th Hussars, Owned By The Late Baroness Margaret Thatcher. Late 20th Century.

An extremely rare original Michael Sutty ceramic figure of Winston Churchill late 20th Century with printed authenticity marks to base.

From a limited edition of 250 modelled with Winston Churchill as a Second Lieutenant in the 4th Hussars in a standing pose on a mound.

The property of the Late Baroness Margaret Thatcher, purchased from the Margaret Thatcher Christies Sale December 2015, complete with Christies purchase receipts and auction tag etc.

Rare opportunity to own a unique piece of British History.

Michael Sutty was born in 1937. In later years after serving his time in the Army, Michael experimented with clay and for several years worked alone producing military figures. The business became established around 1962 and in November 1985 Michael Sutty Porcelain Limited had a Gallery and Sales Office at 11 Duke Street, St. James, London and a Head Office at The Porcelain Manufactory, Brick Kiln Lane, Etruria, Stoke on Trent. Later the Gallery moved into the Thomas Goode store in South Audley Street, Mayfair, London. During 1990 the Gallery moved to 62 Burlington Arcade, London and the Studio was located in a large Unit at the Glades, Festival Park, Etruria, Stoke on Trent. The Sales Catalogue of April 1990 contained around 180 Military figures and Regimental items and from the Festival Park Studio, Michael and his team which included Peter Clarke, produced a much wider range of porcelain including a series of figures from paintings by Sir William Russell Flint and a range of miniature animals. Around 1995 the Gallery moved to 15 New Bridge Street, London and the Studio to the Stoke on Trent Enterprise Centre, Shelton, Stoke on Trent. In 1999 the business then known as Michael Sutty Fine China moved the Gallery to 5 Royal Parade, Chislehurst, Kent, while the Studio and manufacturing continued in Stoke on Trent.

Over the years Michael Sutty created and produced many fine examples of famous individuals with Lord Nelson, Duke of Wellington, Captain Kelly, Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte and Lawrence of Arabia etc. Military figures representing many Regiments including the Household Division, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the Royal Irish Rangers etc. and set pieces such as the raising of the Union Flag by ‘C’ Company of 40 Commando, Royal Marines at San Carlos Bay, Falklands on 21 May 1982. Michael was a fine equine sculptor and created mounted pieces representing Captain Kelly of the Life Guards engaging the Colonel of the French Curassiers at Waterloo, 1815 and a Trooper of the Royal Scots Greys fighting with Russian Hussars at Balaclava, 1854.

Michael Sutty became ill in 2001 and during October the business began to sell off the remaining stock and closed. Eve Clark was the Gallery and business face for Michael’s collectors and customers for around 30 years; it was reported in The Times newspaper that they married shortly before Michael’s death in 2003.

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Iconic ‘Tulip’ Side Table By Eero Saarinen For Knoll Studio, Lovely Original Condition. Dated Sept 2014

Lovely unmolested condition.

Tabletop features beveled edge with heavy moulded cast aluminium base.

With the Pedestal Collection, Eero Saarinen vowed to eliminate the “slum of legs” found under chairs and tables with four legs. He worked first with hundreds of drawings, which were followed by ¼ scale models. Since the compelling idea was to design chairs that looked good in a room, the model furniture was set up in a scaled model room the size of a doll house.

Drawing on his early training as a sculptor, Saarinen refined his design through full scale models, endlessly modifying the shape with clay. “What interests me is when and where to use these structural plastic shapes. Probing even more deeply into different possibilities one finds many different shapes are equally logical—some ugly, some exciting, some earthbound, some soaring. The choices really become a sculptor’s choice.”

Saarinen was assisted by Don Petitt, of Knoll’s Design Development Group, who introduced several ingenious methods of model making. Together with a Knoll design research team, they worked out the problems arising in production. Full scale models became furniture and, with family and friends acting as “guinea pigs,” the furniture was tested in the dining room and living room of the Saarinen house in Bloomfield Hills.

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Stunning Post Modern ‘Mah Jong’ 11 Piece Modular Sofa By Hans Hopfer For Roche Bobois In Missoni & Kenzo. France Circa 2000’s, Immaculate Condition.

Immaculate, hardly used Post-Modern ‘Mah Jong’ 11 piece modular sofa by Hans Hopfer for Roche Bobois in Missoni, Kenzo & Designers Guild flamboyant textured fabrics, France 2000’s, Iconic modular sofa.

This Sumptuous Mah Jong composes of 11 square hand stitched cushions, padded and covered in fabric of different patterns, which can be positioned as desired. There are 3 padded and height adjustable covered backrests, 3 of which are angular, which can be inserted on the desired cushion.

Comprising of 7 square hand stitched padded floor cushions covered in Missoni, Kenzo & Designers Guild fabrics of various textured patterns. Modular as desired. It is possible to overlap the cushions to raise the seat. Produced by Roche Bobois in 2000’s and designed by Hans Hopfer in 1971.

The labels are present on the backrests. Rare, Immaculate, hardly used condition.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Unique Set Of 8 Matching Vintage Stackable Beech ‘Ben Cafe Chairs’ Reupholstered In Soft Expresso Leather With Stud Detailing, Circa 1960’s

These 8 matching vintage Ben Café Chairs are perfect for home. office, bar or restaurant interiors that need to liven up their space with a splash of retro chic charm., fully restored and recovered in soft Expresso leather with antique studded back seat rest detail.

Simplistic in design, the Ben chairs have the characteristic laminated A-frame legs, giving them the ability to be stacked and stored away with ease when not in use, removable seta pads.

Price is per chair.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Stunning Unique One-off Gothic Spanish Baroque Hand Forged Wrought Iron ‘Gallows’ Chandelier.

Simply stunning new bespoke English made by artisan blacksmith, vintage Spanish baroque wrought iron gothic ‘Gallow’ chandelier with adjustable hand beaten blackened star barbed chain detail.

Unique and amazing interior design feature comes complete with oak hanging frame and adjustable hanging height.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please as for a quotation.

Super Rare Mid Century Swedish Square Compact ‘Roundette’ Formica Table & Beech Chairs, Fully Restored And Reupholstered In Expresso, Circa 1950’s

Delightful Mid-Century 1950’s Swedish ‘Roundette’ Formica topped table resting on splayed beech legs, complete with 4 fitted beech arched and tuned dowel backed chairs newly refurbished and reupholstered in a period Expresso vinyl of the era.

Easily removable seat pads can be recovered if require at minimal additional cost.

Great compact piece of furniture which when fitted complete chairs becomes a great compact unit suitable for any small apartment or home.

Easily dismantles for ease of moving and storage.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Unusually Long, Oak Framed Ottoman Footstool Reupholstered In The Finest South African Angora Goat Mohair Wool With Tufted Button Detail.

Traditional handmade sturdy english oak ottoman reupholstered in the finest South African Angora Mohair Wool.

Hand dyed & oiled finish.

Fitted floor protector pads.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Traditionally Restored Mid Century Greaves & Thomas By Cornell Rosewood Armchairs In The Finest South African Angora Mohair, Circa 1960’s, England.

Beautifully restored Mid Century Greaves & Thomas rosewood lounge chairs traditionally restored and reupholstered in the finest South African Angora goat mohair.

Greaves & Thomas furniture, which dates back to the early 1900’s were the highest quality and very much ‘High-End’ furniture brand which is extremely sought after today.

While the brand was well known for its sofa bed production and designs in the 1920’s through to the Mid-Century period, the brand also produced a stunning array of sideboards, tables and mirrors, all characterised by simple, straight flowing shapely lines and elegant frames. Very much a forward thinking furniture brand, vintage Greaves & Thomas pieces can slot perfectly into any 21st century home.

1950’s to 1960’s – The focus during this time period for Greaves & Thomas was on the recruitment of quality designers. These designers would lead on the execution of the brand’s signature styles, with arguably the most well-known designer being Walter Cornell – who created very streamlined styles most of which were characterised with clean lines and a Danish influence.

Price is per chair and 2 matching are available, Footstool available separately.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Sublime & Extremely Rare Italian ‘Volo’ Black Leather Florence Knoll Lounge Chair With Floating Button Detail, Near Immaculate Condition, Circa 2006

Warmed through colour and texture, the Florence Knoll Lounge Chair is a scaled-down translation of the rhythm and proportions of Mid-Century modern architecture.

With a spare, geometric profile, an expression of the rational design approach Florence Knoll learned from her mentor, Mies van der Rohe, the lounge chair is utterly modern and totally timeless.

The Peacock Velvet Tub Chair With Overstuffed Cushion.

Unusual reupholstered tub chair in Sky Blue velvet with contrasting oversized and overstuffed feather seat cushion in printed Peacock Velvet with matching scroll buttons.

Resting on black turned front legs with castors.

Delightful Primitively Made French 18th Century Oak Milking Stool, Circa 1780s

Gorgeous original handmade offset leg oak milking stool, very naive but robust construction.

Beautify piece of antique French farming history.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Stunning Fully Restored Mid Century Guy Rogers ‘Frisco Bay’ Curved 4 Seater Sofa, Circa 1960’s

Stunning fully restored and reupholstered ‘Frisco Bay’ Curved sofa by Guy Rogers.

Designed by George Fejer and Eric Pamphilon for Guy Rogers Ltd and retailed by Heals.

This stunning Mid Century sofa has a very stylish shape & design. The sofa stands on turned teak legs and has beautiful quality Indian Ink blue Velvet upholstery with 2 matching rectangular scatter cushions.

The sofa seats 4 and has a fabulous organic curved form.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Piece Available Soon – Enquiries Welcomed.

Vintage Kare Design Space Age Sputnik Table Lamp, Spain Circa 1970’s

This original lamp is a real design classic from the 70’s.

The table lamp has rotating chromed plastic hemispheres which are original and give off an amazing reflective light, very unusual design in that it was a highlight for every lounge interior from the Panton Eames era.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Piece Available Soon – Enquiries Welcomed.

Extremely Rare Antique Handmade Moroccan Laced Leather & Teak Camel Saddle Stool, Circa 1960’s, Fabulous Interiors Piece.

Amazing piece of Moroccan history in the form of an antique handmade, laced leather and wooden camel saddle stool.
Fully restored including replacement cognac reversible laced leather flat seat, raw hide laced, stretched sides.

Would make a fabulous interior talking piece.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Piece Available Soon – Enquiries Welcomed.

Gorgeous, Rare Iconic Mid Century Spanish ‘Fase’ Boomerang Chrome Desk Lamp, Circa 1960’s Madrid Spain.

This rare original Spanish Fase table lamp from the well known company CHAMFER impresses with its simple and functional design.

The foot and shade are pivoted and give off a gorgeous light with the E27 twin candle bulb lighting unit, inline switched, fitted plug.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Gorgeous, Iconic & Sublime Vintage ‘Kalim’ Tan Leather Original Florence Knoll Sofa In Rare Near Perfect Condition, Dated July 2006.

This super stylish floating buttoned original Kalim tan leather Florence Knoll sofa designed in 1954 is the backbone of the Mid-Century decor in the movie ‘Mad Men’, Costing new in excess of $12,000.

The Florence Knoll Sofa is distinctive and versatile and indeed, is seen in many different seater combinations and colours throughout but rarely this colour and Italian leather combination.

Inspired by the rhythm and proportions of mid-century modern architecture, the Florence Knoll Sofa exhibits a geometric profile, constructed with a solid wood structure and an exposed satin chrome metal frame, elevated on square tubular steel ‘Florence Knoll’ Engraved leg/s with adjustable twist floor pads.

Iconic designer Florence Knoll’s contributions to the world of design are immeasurable, while her inimitable vision over her long illustrious career won her countless awards and accolades, including the National Medal of Arts, awarded by the president, the American Institute of Architects’ Industrial Design Gold Medal and the Red Dot Design Award.

2 Matching Sofas, 1 Lounge Chair are available as are 2 end tables and 2 coffee tables of the same condition and era.

Worldwide Shipping Available, Please ask for a quotation.

Gorgeous Original Vintage Florence Knoll Coffee/Side Table, Dated July 2006.

The Florence Knoll Coffee Table, designed to furnish the new interiors of postwar America, is a scaled-down translation of the lines, gestures and materials of modern architecture. Consistent with all of her designs, the table has a spare, geometric presence that reflects the rational design approach Florence Knoll learned from Mies van der Rohe.

2 matching tables available.